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Cashmere Crafted in the Himalayan Mountains

Few people are aware of the long and interesting journey a cashmere sweater makes before it reaches its wearer. What makes this voyage so special are the many communities who are involved in a garment’s creation – from the herders who rear cashmere goats and harvest the fibre, to the artisanal communities in the Himalayan regions of Kashmir and Nepal who spin, weave and knit the final product.

The Soul of The Garment

We believe that every lovingly made cashmere garment is imbued with the collective soul of its makers. Every step of the process – from cleaning to dyeing – is done by hand by artisans who have learnt the craft from their forefathers. 

Varana’s cashmere garments are hand knitted or made on hand-operated knitting machines. The knitters are all women, moving their hands deftly to the rhythm of hypnotic clanging, operate the machines. Some garments are completely hand knitted using knitting needles, by women who have phenomenal skill and speed. Our high-quality cashmere is made to last, so great care is taken to ensure that just the right weights and knit structure are used.

Provenance Equals Quality

Varana uses only the softest and purest 100% cashmere yarn, certified by SGS, the global benchmark for quality and integrity. The supply of real cashmere in the world is very limited because of the small amount obtained from each goat, and the fact that the fibre can be harvested only once a year. The total amount of real cashmere yarn in the world makes up only 0.5 to 0.6% of the world’s wool. Sadly today, the world is awash with labels that claim to be 100% cashmere but are actually blends of wool, viscose or acrylic. 

Besides its impeccable yarn quality, Varana’s knitwear designs are distinctive. We believe that cashmere deserves an original approach, one that meets the highest expectations of a discerning lover of high quality, who is also mindful of provenance and ethical ways of making.

We take pride in the fact that Varana is playing a role in upholding the Himalayan region’s rich cashmere heritage. Our Himalayan cashmere collection is not just a celebration of nature’s most luxurious fabric, but also a representation of the values that are dearest to us – conscious luxury that is sophisticated and refined while being meaningful. 


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